Cumulative BFA Project

Love Goggles were inspired by my own personal experience wearing them. After going through a long, toxic and heart wrenching relationship I realized that I had put up with a lot of things I did not deserve and missed a lot of red flags. While talking with a good friend (who also went through a similar relationship) we were discussing everything we went through and how we didn’t notice it until we were out of the relationship. I didn’t know what to call this thing that we both had experienced and I said to her, “it’s almost like we were wearing Love Goggles.” After much research and finding out that ‘Love Goggles’ was scientific, this project was born. This project exists to bring awareness to something that many people experience. But it also exists to show people that it’s not always a choice made by the wearer, its scientific and caused by our brains. Love goggles differ for each person. They could be like breaking up and realizing your partner was annoying or not as cute as you had thought, or it could be you were in a toxic and unhealthy relationship. However worn they have the same blinding effect. Ask yourself: are you wearing love goggles? And is it time to take them off?

These are images from the opening day of the gallery in which my project was installed in for a month.

These are mockups of the posters that people attending could take home.