The Visual Communication Department at EWU had an old and outdated website design that was not very responsive or helpful for current or incoming students so I aimed to create a more current and aesthetically pleasing website design that students could easily navigate through and find what they need. (Scroll to bottom of page for prototype) The purpose of this project was to create a responsive website design for the VCD department at EWU. The VCD department has never had a website of their own and desperately needs one so we were tasked with creating one.


I wanted to create a look that is Modern and minimal with lots of images. The purpose of this website is to showcase our program and especially our students so I wanted to include images of featured students with the idea that these images would lead to a portfolio of their work. I wanted the site to be cohesive throughout so I included similar elements on every page such as the drop down boxes. Also I wanted this to look like someting a Visual design department would actually use.